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My life has been transformed by the powerful principals and messages from great inspirational leaders such as Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Mike Dooley, Co-Author of The Secret and Author of Infinite Possibilities. I've been a patient, practicer and student of various holistic healing methods for the last 12 years. I once felt trapped in my career, marriage, and motherhood. I spent many years thinking it must be my job, it must be my spouse, it must be motherhood, it must be my body, it must be this or it must be that causing my feelings of dissatisfaction and the sense of internal disconnect. So I tried to change all of these “things” without changing my thoughts, habits and my internal paradigms. I had begun to ignore my soul's calling. The disconnection with my soul and with spirit's guidance had sent me down a weary and seemingly hopeless path.  I was suffering from personal failure, as opposed to living in personal victory.


Over the years I've struggled with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. I could have become a victim to these “symptoms” from life’s challenges. Instead, I have journeyed my way down many daunting paths until I reached the light, my internal light. I have revitalized my internal spirit, healed my body holistically, restored broken relationships, achieved major goals and embraced my life's passions. It is my calling to coach people how to achieve results and to see that they too have the power to overcome challenges as well as to begin living healthy, successful and fulfilling lives.


I have been an Educator for 18 years. Over the course of the last 18 years, I have also become a  Spirit & Leadership Facilitator, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, Holistic & Transformational Life Coach, Cognitive Skills Trainer, Business Manager & Director, Wedding Officiant and even a certified Pastry Chef. (Now that last career is a yummy story!)


As a young child, I had always felt a connection with spirit that had been quite unexplainable. This connection with spirit has been empowered by the various teachings I have encountered over the last 40 years of my life. By learning how to tune in I was able to completely restore and heal my life. My personal spirit & life journey was created so that I can teach and lead others to their born and innate gift of spiritual connection to create ultimate healing and personal growth. 


I began my journey of  Spirit/Life Coaching/Mentoring/Training adults about 10 years ago. However, this is who I have been for my students, friends and family since my adolescence. It is my calling, my passion and truly makes me come alive.  I appreciate you for taking some time to learn a little more about me and to hear my story. I hope you enjoy the resources and services I offer. Thank you for stopping by .  

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