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Client Stories

“Today's Infinite Possibilities class was amazing! I'm so proud of my rock star Coach, Layla Scheiber  for presenting such wonderful content and making it personal, enthusiastic, and meaningful! Can't wait for the second session!! ✨"Perhaps the most exciting realization in the world is finally understanding that living the life of your dreams is entirely up to you. It's also about the scariest."

Educator, 28

"I am finding myself being much more positive as I navigate my way through the many issues that arise every day. I seem to be getting better at aligning my priorities. I am more sensitive to occasions when others present negative issues and make negative statements. I have trouble processing them but, try to find positives in my responses. 

I have been feeling less stress at work and frequently recognizing positive developments there and give thanks.

I have been mentally revisiting my goals throughout every day. I am getting more detailed in defining my major goals. I have pinpointed the exact things that I want. I am doing a better job of visualizing my dreams. Thank you, coach! I know that my dreams are on the way!"

Sales Executive, 67

“I distinctly remember meeting you 2 years ago as you presented the Stephen Covey 7 habits training. I walked up to you afterwards and told you how inspiring you were and "what an amazing speaker."
There's no doubt in my mind that this is your calling and now you are sharing your special gift with the world....... your wisdom, your intuition and your beautiful sweet generous spirit. "

Entrepreneur, 48

"I have begun to make made big efforts to be more present in the relationships and roles of my life. I visualized the outcome of my actions & so far, I feel great about it. You were right, doing small things can be a huge impact. I am seeing positive changes already. Thanks to you! You planted the seed for me!! 


P.S. I got that job I was hoping for! "

Educator, 37

“You are so amazing. I love your perspective. The way you are able to coach me how to flip my negative thoughts into constructive and positive progress is just what I needed."

Project manager & Director, 37

“This is beyond amazing. I could not imagine a better teacher, coach or spiritual guide to embark on this adventure. Layla, you astound me every day with your love and support!!!"

Sales Executive, 38

 "I had my principal and I have a 30 second happy dance the other day randomly and she embraced it. Just trying to flip the switch and be and see the positive is so helpful and uplifting, thanks to your Infinite Possibilities class. 😊"

Educator, 35

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